Whether a student is black or white, poor or rich, there are some minimum requirements that must be met in order to do well in school. Someone must make the student do his homework, see to it that he gets a good night’s sleep, fix a breakfast, make sure he gets to school on time and make sure he respects and obeys his teachers. Here are my questions: Which one of those requirements can be achieved through a higher school budget? Which can be achieved by politicians? If those minimal requirements aren’t met, whatever else is done is mostly for naught.

Black Education Tragedy

New Abortion Restrictions Reignite Culture Wars

New Abortion Restrictions Reignite Culture Wars (via PBS News Hour)

By: Christina Bellantoni and Terence Burlij A crowd shouts ‘Shame, shame, shame!’ as law enforcement officers stand outside the North Carolina legislative building after the state Senate gave its approval to a series of abortion restrictions July 3.…


If increasing your income by $10,000 would cause you to lose $15,000 in government benefits, would you do it? (via The Mindset of the Left: Part II)

By formally declaring anyone opposed to same-sex marriage an enemy of human decency, the majority arms well every challenger to a state law restricting marriage to its traditional definition. Henceforth those challengers will lead with this court’s declaration that there is ‘no legitimate purpose’ served by such a law, and will claim that the traditional definition has the purpose and effect to disparage and to injure the ‘personhood and dignity’ of same-sex couples.

Scalia Dissent: Gay Marriage Decision ‘Jaw-Dropping’

Even with the September 11 attacks included in the count, the number of Americans killed by international terrorism since the late 1960s (which is when the State Department began counting) is about the same as the number of Americans killed over the same period by lightning, accident-causing deer, or severe allergic reaction to peanuts.

National security analyst John Mueller in A false sense of insecurity? How does the risk of terrorism measure up against everyday dangers?(Risk)(Cover Story): An article from: Regulation

Government Warnings

(Source: hoover.org)

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